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Se editó en junio de 2023. Si deseas escuchar los sonidos haz click en la flecha situada a la izquierda de cada uno de ellos y si deseas descargarlos todos pulsa AQUÍ.También puedes descargar la portada AQUÍ, y la lista de participantes AQUÍ

Was released in June of 2023. You can listen to the sounds by clicking the arrow at left of each one, you also can download them all by clicking HERE. Artwork HERE, and list of artists HERE.

1 Planktone - S O N N E Z ( switching pattern )

2 Tetsuo Kogawa - AirwavwsJocky221015MS

3 Marco Dibeltulu - AlgoRitmi

The composition is inspired by dance and movement. The title comes from the words “algorithm” and “rhythm”, the latter contained within the first. Similarly, in the electroacoustic composition, the transformation algorithms – typical tools used in electroacoustic music – are the means to produce the multifaceted rhythmic structure that characterizes the entire composition.

4 Minimal Frank - Beats and Bolts

5 Mick Boyle - Camshaft

6 Naun Saldaña Macedo - 7-Audio 0001 [2022-05-06 230040]

7 Rafael González & Pedro Bericat - ST (Fragmento de 1 minuto)

Rafael González & Pedro Bericat - ST

8 Alexandra Crouwers - NGMI anthem 2022

This song is part of the opening chapter of the film NGMI (vertical HD, color/audio, 12’00”, 2022)

9 David Rogers - Sydling trout tank - Below the surface (1 minute excerpt)

David Rogers - Sydling trout tank - Below the surface

10 Miguel Jimenez - pipipiETZ

12 Feliz dia del arte y que no falte el perejil by MM&NS&LS

El audio es una colaboración de Lorenzo Sanjuan-Pertusa con Nicolás Sánchez y eme eme.


13 Francisco Meirino - Auto hypnosis1minloop

15 Brent Gutzeit - Radio Inter-Reference