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Se editó en diciembre de 2020. Si deseas escuchar los sonidos haz click en la flecha situada a la izquierda de cada uno de ellos y si deseas descargarlos todos pulsa AQUÍ. También puedes descargar AQUÍ la lista de participantes 

Was released in December of 2020. You can listen to the sounds by clicking the arrow at left of each one, you also can download them all by clicking HERE. List of artists HERE.

1 Bollock Swine - 1st minute side A cassette

2 Crustaces Tapes #11 - Last minute of side Postcards

3 Daniel Garcia Matarredona - Last minute of track 1 (EA-17 CD)

4 1 minute excerpt of Edelweiss Mantra

Edelweiss Mantra

5 Ferran Destemple - Sexmachine123

6 Gazawat (Michal Turowski) - First minute of Track 1

Gazawat (Michal Turowski) - Track 1

7 Jared & Hilrant - 2nd minute of Track 5 (Saint Vitus)

Jared & Hilrant - Track 5 (Saint Vitus)

8 Jose Antonio Sarmiento - 1st minute of track 2 - 25 septiembre - 02-10-40 a 02-34-40

Jose Antonio Sarmiento - Track 2 - 25 septiembre - 02-10-40 a 02-34-40

9 Konstantin Weber - A person lying on a bed with a laptop

Description of the work:

A person lying on a bed with a laptop, sound, 2020

This sound installation is based on a COCO**-based image-to-text process. Here I have created a data set filled with my own photographic works. Born as photographic works, digital AI-supported transformation processes first created data sets and then short ones, image descriptive sentences. Quasi a process like with the «Chinese Whispers», because the result changed with every step taken.

The last transformation was carried out with the help of a text-to-speech software, also AI-supported, so that the basic photographic material has now been transformed into an audible form. The results create a new image, that only exists through the imagination of the listener; a secret image of the original photographic work.

***Microsoft COCO (Common Objects in Context), a 2.5 million labeled instances in 328k images comprehensive data set

10 Nieves Correa - 1 minuto

11 Pedro Gonzalves Garcia - Beethoven sinfonia nº9 (Scherzo) Mix Blues

12 Rafael Gonzalez Plays Pedro Bericat Cassette Side1 First minute excerpt

Rafael Gonzalez Plays Pedro Bericat Cassette Side1

13 Satan's God - Rain of the Scoundrel Wolf (Track 12)

14 Mute Sound For Tea Hollister

15 Urinate & Hinyouki - 1st minute track 1

Urinate & Hinyouki - Track 1

16 Valdor - 1st minute side A cassette

Valdor - Side A cassette