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Se editó en noviembre de 2016. Si deseas escuchar los sonidos haz click en la flecha situada a la izquierda de cada uno de ellos y si deseas descargarlos pulsa AQUÍ.También puedes descargar la portada AQUÍ.

Was released in November of 2016. You can listen to the sounds by clicking the arrow at left of each one, you also can download them by clicking HERE. Artwork HERE.

      1 Robert Wallace - Alle für meine eigene

      2 Hilario Alvarez - Natural Chengde Selection

      3 William Nurdin - Tooth

William NurdinDental assistant

A dental drill or dentist’s drill
is a small, high-speed
used during dental procedures, usually to remove decay and
shape tooth structure prior to the insertion of a
filling or crown. A
dental drill may also be used in the cleaning and shaping of
root canals during endodontic treatment,
or to remove old or temporary fillings or crowns prior to the
insertion of new or permanent restorations. The term «dental
drill» is considered the more colloquial form of the term «
» although it can also be construed as to
include the power source for one or more handpieces, a «
dental engine.»
«Handpiece» and «engine» are more generic and euphemistic
terms for generic dental tools.

Modern dental drills can rotate at up to 400,000 rpm,[1]
and generally use hard metal
bits known as
Dental burs come in a great variety of shapes designed for
specific applications. They are often made of
with a
tungsten carbide
coating, or of tungsten carbide entirely. The bur may also
have a
diamond coating.

Dental drills, which have a distinctive, shrill
sound, are often a prominent factor in many people’s
fear of dentistry.[citation needed]


      4 Jimmy Watt - The Queen and his Jockey get 15-16 pounds

      5 Lob Instagon - Pslam 700

      6 Marco Dibeltulu - Omaggio a Boecklin

      7 Phaerentz - Autofinger (excerpt from min. 35 to 36)

      Phaerentz - Autofinger

      8 For Migvel Tepes (from Mute Sound)

      9 Negrava (Owen Kelly) - Renewable Sources of Shorter Empathy

Its called Renewable Sources of Empathy (short) and its taken from an online album I released in 2002 under the Negrava name, which I have used since 1984 when our first cassettes appeared.

      10 Jan Morten Iversen - Bacon Pop

      11 André Borges - Cardiorespiratory Polyrhythm with Involuntary Bowel Improvisation

      12 Daniel Blomquist - Contact mic blood workt

      13 Andy Cavatorta - Tallis Interpretation 3 for Dervishes (last minute excerpt)

      Andy Cavatorta - Tallis Interpretation 3 for Dervishes

      14 John F. Barber - A Train Is Arriving Departing

      15 Nathan Walker - 'Please Police Believe'

      16 Yan Jun - The Moon Was Replaced by a Name