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Se editó en octubre de 2015. Si deseas escuchar los sonidos haz click en la flecha situada a la izquierda de cada uno de ellos y si deseas descargarlos pulsa AQUÍ.También puedes descargar la portada AQUÍ.

Was released in October of 2015. You can listen to the sounds by clicking the arrow at left of each one, you also can download them by clicking HERE. Artwork HERE.

      1 Jasch - Autopoietic Aísthēsis

      2 Jean Luc Berthelot - One minute de cuisson

      3 AMK & Gen Ken - Mutemix

      4 Signe Liden - Collider 1min

      5 Amelia Seoane-Chanes - Re-secas

      6 Antonio Mozota y Jose Aurelio Fernandez - Impro (fragmento)

      7 Sofia Bertomeu Hojberg - Singing bow

      8 Kei Yokota - 1 minute hiss noise symphony

      9 David Suarez - Monumento Vostell in mute

      10 Roberto Scala - Andy Warhol & Mail Art

      11 Judy Boyd - Morning Lake Tarpon FL USA

      12 Wheeling Ice - One minute

      13 Serse Luigetti - 1 minute from a 1982 tape

      14 Shane Jesse Christmass - Mattress Grave - SYMMEME #1

Shane Jesse Christmass is the author of the novel ‘Acid Shottas’ (The Ledatape Organisation, 2014)..
He was a member of the band Mattress Grave, and is currently a member in Snake Milker.
He firmly believes that the future of the word, the novel, will be in synthetic telepathy. An archive of his writing/artwork/music can be found at:


      15 Node Pajomo & Pedro bericat - Wonderful Copenhagen II (excerpt)

      16 Jaan Patterson - San Andres