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Se editó en marzo de 2015. Si deseas escuchar los sonidos haz click en la flecha situada a la izquierda de cada uno de ellos y si deseas descargarlos pulsa AQUÍ.También puedes descargar la portada AQUÍ.

Was released in March of 2015. You can listen to the sounds by clicking the arrow at left of each one, you also can download them by clicking HERE. Artwork HERE.

      1 Atilio Doreste - Short Wave Word Emission

      2 Claus Poulsen - Jazzfinger

      3 Tingis - Jap senza anima

      4 Yolanda Uriz Elizalde - DFP (Digital Signal Processing)

      5 Tudorplasm - 1 Min John Cale

      6 Mark Vernon - PA electronic fault at old hairdressers

      7 A Raja's Mesh Men - Maximal Auto-hypnosis

      8 Palash Bhattacharjee - One minute

      9 Jacques Rémus - N3 CT2 B613 mix

      10 Dan Shipsides - Yupa Via Ferrata

The audio work ‘Yupa Via Ferrata’ comes from a mountaineering trip on a via ferrata climb on Marmalada – the highest peak in the Dolomites. The sound comes from the microphone on the wire – but I have since developed it. Yupa is the term my 2year old son said when he was trying to say Europa.
Shipsides and Beggs made a video artwork of this climb – and I have re-worked this recording I made for that film.

      11 Helen Amyes - 110528-204004

      12 John Oparyk - Lovebird

      13 Carsten Stabenow - Axon

      14 Emilio Morandi - Bosco sound

      15 Yann Leguay - bug-1min-44100hz-16bit

      16 Ward Weis - Boiling Mussels