1 minute autohypnosis 36th CD

1 minute autohypnosis sex war noise faith white truth light europe death seed red net Jung dollar neo time love-in city twenty new Cage zen self LSD dose Tesla sea place breaking-up father x-ray future loud blood sweat

Se editó en agosto de 2016. Si deseas escuchar los sonidos haz click en la flecha situada a la izquierda de cada uno de ellos y si deseas descargarlos pulsa AQUÍ.También puedes descargar la portada AQUÍ.

Was released in August of 2016. You can listen to the sounds by clicking the arrow at the left of each one, you also can download them by clicking HERE. Artwork HERE.

      1 Paul Zelevansky - You belong to me (2015)

      2 Dexia Defunct - RÜCKSICHTSLOSIGKEIT

      3 Steve Burnett - Tappings

      4 Rinus Van Alebeek - One minute audio

      5 Toru Izumida - 151118_#004_loop

      6 Lob Instagon - A Little Little Turtle

      7 Atilio Doreste - 1 minute

      8 Dave Procter - Ojud till mute sound

      9 Jay T. Yamamoto - Ambient Study 1

      10 Robert B. Lisek - Unrendered 3

      11 Babel - Eine Minute

      12 Magali Babin - Far for 1 min

      13 John Harvey - Le Petit Exorcisme 2015

      14 Peter Ablinger - 1 Minute Black Stereo

      15 Healer Oran - A Certain Air

      16 Charles Rice Goff III - Lucky Made Zeroman 3